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We have access to high quality nutritional supplements through Nutrition Dynamics.  Dr. Dull and Dr. Marsden are both certified through the state of Wisconsin in nutritional counseling and supplementation. The nutrient deficiency of our food supply in combination with poor food choices make nutritional supplementation a valuable asset to maintaining good health. We have a great variety of products and professional guidance in the use of these products to maximize their benefits.

One of the main principals in Chiropractic healthcare is prevention. We educate patients on what we call wellness care. This concept is similar to the dental care practice of keeping your teeth professionally cleaned and inspected BEFORE you have a problem. We educate patients on the benefits of having their spine adjusted when they are NOT having pain, correcting those small problems that occur from the repetition of everyday life, BEFORE they cause pain. Insurance does not pay for prevention care, so we offer special wellness prices to our patients, such as pay for 5 visits and get 1 free, or pay for 10 visits and get 2 for free.  Research tells us that every dollar spent on prevention care saves a patient three dollars of treatment cost later.

Our Wellness Program
Weight loss Program

Our knowledgable office staff can help assist with understanding your insurance benefits and coverage. We accept most major insurances such as Blue Cross, Humana, WEA as well as many other insurances.

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 Advanced Chiropractic also offers a weight loss program. This program utilizes medical food to assist the patient in altering poor eating habits and jump starting weight loss. Ultra Clear and Ultra Meal are high quality medical foods used in our weight loss protocol.  We also monitor the patient’s weight weekly and will design a specific exercise protocol for each individual. Proper body weight is an essential component to health and vitality.

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